Commercial and
Project Management

All projects need to be expertly managed to ensure a timely, smooth, efficient workflow and to avoid potential disputes and hurdles. Haslett Construction is experienced in Ottawa in the roles of Owner’s Representative, Project Manager, and Construction Manager. We have handled significant projects from inception to completion, including land acquisition, feasibility studies and pro formas, design development, planning and municipal approvals, permits, tendering, construction, commissioning, handover and warranty period.

We work hard to keep our client’s best interests at the forefront and treat every project as though it were our own property. Our fundamental goal at Haslett Construction is to provide our clients with high-quality outcomes while respecting their vision and budget.

We encourage excellence by having high expectations of our management, suppliers and trades.

We promote continuing education among our employees and are willing to explore new concepts, methodologies and technologies relative to our industry, but never at a cost to the client.

We believe communication is key and we strive to create an inclusive, transparent, and collaborative environment in every project.

Our portfolio includes a variety of work on low-rise multi-use, office, and retail projects in Ottawa. Contact us if you have any questions about commercial construction or project

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Land Procurement

Haslett Construction often works with clients from the initial stages of land acquisition and site studies to determine the options available on a potential building site. You may already own an existing property that you wish to build on, in which case we will assist in determining the feasibility of achieving your desired outcome on the existing site. Should the client be looking to purchase a property on which to build, HCI will assist in the acquisition of the land, bringing years of experience and knowledge in what to look for in a potential building site.

Whether you have a site in mind or have questions about the process and how we may be of service, contact us today.

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